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Kawasaki will launch hybrid, electric & hydrogen-powered motorcycles

Written by Nizam Shaikh

It’s no more a secret that Kawasaki is working on hybrid electric and fully electric motorcycles. The brand is working on hydrogen-power technology as well. Hydrogen-Fuel Cell tech will allow the brand to make zero-emission motorcycle and reduce the user’s range anxiety. Kawasaki is also partnering with other brands and creating new alliances to propel the Kawasaki Heavy Industries. 

Kawasaki Endeavour

Currently, Kawasaki is working on a new motorcycle, Endeavour, which will become the brand’s first fully-electric offering. The bike with the 100% electric powertrain will come with a performance output equivalent to a 400cc motorcycle. The motorcycle will feature a fully-faired design, and the styling is likely to be similar to the Ninja range of motorcycles. The Kawasaki Endeavour will also offer CHAdeMO fast-charging point and come with an energy recovery system or KERS. In the past, Kawasaki also revealed The brand is likely to show more detail on the Endeavour soon. 

Kawasaki Hybrid Motorcycle

Kawasaki also registered a new ‘E-Boost’ trademark which leads to speculation that Kawasaki is working on a new Hybrid Technology. While the information on E-Boost is scarce, speculations are that the technology could run the motorcycle on full-electric power for short distances and conventional engine power on the highways.

The motorcycle is also likely to detect city centres using GPS technology and automatically switch to green energy. When the rider demands power, the bike will automatically switch to ICE (Internal Combustion Engine). The engine will also help generate and store electrical energy for the battery for further use. E-Boost could also help the motorcycle during launch, improving the efficiency of the bike.

Kawasaki Hydrogen-Fuel-Cell Motorcycle

Technical details of the new Hydrogen-power Kawasaki motorcycle is currently unknown. But the bike could use technology similar to HFCEV power vehicles. Green hydrogen could be used to generate electricity and power the motorcycle using electric motors. Users can replenish the hydrogen fuel tank in a matter of minutes. 

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