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Kawasaki revealed Z EV, Ninja EV & Hybrid EV production prototypes

Written by Kanad Kalasur

These days everyone is trying to go Green. And we now have confirmation that the Team Green is also heading towards that direction. At the EMICA 2022 show, Kawasaki has adopted the phrase ‘Go with Green Power’. Like others, the Japanese brand expressed its keenness to explore new tech as well as work towards a better future.

Kawasaki’s green line-up

Kawasaki has showcased three new vehicles. These include the Ninja EV, the Z EV and the Hybrid EV. These are not yet production-ready models, but they are production prototypes. The bike maker wants to showcase their technology to the world as well as gauge responses to these bikes.

Kawasaki Ninja EV and Z EV

Both the Ninja EV and the Z EV look similar to their internal combustion cousins – the Ninja and the Z. In terms of design language, the overall shape, design and other features are carried over from the ICE counterparts. As these are production prototypes, we can expect customer deliveries to commence by 2023. Kawasaki will be offering removable batteries on these bikes, which means they can be removed and charged separately and use battery swapping stations.

Kawasaki Hybrid EV

The Hybrid Electric Vehicle will be available in the market by 2024. While the pure EVs were aimed more towards commuters and those doing short trips, the Hybrid EV is aimed at commuting, touring, riding and everything. It will have a conventional petrol engine as well as an electric motor and battery combo for propulsion. This one would be more popular with the consumers as it will not have the range anxiety of pure electrics.

Kawasaki’s carbon-neutral goal

Kawasaki President Ito also spoke to the media about the aim to reach a carbon-neutral society. The company wants to make use of different technologies to achieve the same. This means developing high-efficiency ICE motors using alternative fuels like fuel cell, hydrogen power and electric technologies. They also have Kawasaki MXGP Team Principal Kimi Raikkonen on board to share more details about this endeavour.

Kawasaki is also working on hydrogen-powered bikes that are expected to see the light of the day by 2030. The critical point for this would be the supply infrastructure. At the same time, Kawasaki is also investing and researching electric and hybrid technologies. And meanwhile, they have not yet given up on the ICE motorbikes as well. The bike maker aims to launch 30-35 new petrol-powered motorcycles between 2024 and 2025.

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