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Kawasaki plans to kill petrol bikes, all-electric target is 2035

Written by Akhil Dalvi

The famous Japanese motorcycle manufacturer has announced its decision to go all-electric by 2035, thanks to the company’s president Hiroshi Ito. The declaration made at Tokyo’s Port Hall Takeshiba stated that the company plans for most of their two-wheelers to be EVs. Conducted in stages, the plan would see Kawasaki offer at least ten or more hybrid vehicles by 2025. The motorcycle brand plans to make electric, hybrid and alternative fuel-based vehicles for the possible future.

Kawasaki’s 1st electric motorcycle: Endeavour 

The brand had announced working on its first-ever all-electric motorbike named the Endeavour. With its 100% pure electric powertrain, the bike will provide power and performance that matches a 400cc motorcycle. Kawasaki’s new offering will feature a fully-flared design theme, with styling that would match its Ninja range of motorcycles.

The Endeavour will showcase the company’s CHAdeMO fast-charging capability along with KERS or the Kinetic Energy Recovery System. The brand’s teaser videos showcase the bike sporting a manual 4-speed gearbox along with being developed and tested on the racetrack. Kawasaki has yet to provide details such as power output figures, specifications and features of the upcoming Endeavour.

Kawasaki’s 1st hybrid motorcycle 

The brand’s new ‘E-Boost’ trademark created speculation and buzz about Kawasaki working on a new Hybrid based technology. The brand has provided minimal information about the ‘E-Boost’ technology. The theory behind the technology suggests that the motorcycle can run on pure electric power for short distances and ICE power for highways.

The bike will smartly detect city centres employing GPS technology and seamlessly switch between full-electric and the ICE. Kawasaki’s KERS technology could also make its debut to help generate and store electric energy for the battery. The ‘E-Boost’ technology could provide much-needed assistance for the bike during launches and aid in providing further efficiency.

Other News: 

Kawasaki unveiled the new 2022 Versys 1000 in 3 trims for the European market, namely Standard, S and SE. The brand offers a new entry-level option for enthusiastic adventure riders in the form of the ‘Standard’ Versys 1000. Thanks to the reshuffling, Kawasaki has introduced the previous standard trim as the new ‘S’ trim. The Versys 1000 sees no changes in terms of design but the top-spec SE trim now gets a new higher-spec running gear.

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