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Joy e-bike registers sales growth of 127% in June 2022

Written by Nayak

WardWizard Innovations and Mobility Ltd’s electric two-wheeler brand Joy e-bike has released its June 2022 sales figure. For the given period, the EV maker sold a total of 2,125 units. This includes both low-speed as well as high-speed electric scooters. Compared to June 2021’s figure, which stood at 938 units, this figure results in a growth of 127 per cent. With the demand rising for electric scooters across the country, Joy e-bike is also going through a purple patch.

The increase in demand has propelled the sales, as evident from the above growth figure. The company has already sold over 8,000 units of electric motorcycles and scooters in the first quarter of this financial year. This results in a growth of 338 per cent as compared to the same period of last financial year. All these are positive indicators that assert the increasingly growing popularity of electric vehicles.

Similar to the entire automotive industry, Joy e-bike is facing issues related to the unavailability of raw materials. But the company has acknowledged this fact. And they are working to streamline the process and reduce the waiting period for the customers. Joy e-bike has confirmed that they have initiated the deliveries for high-speed electric scooters Wolf+ and Gen Next Nanu+. A total of 500 units of these scooters have already been sold across the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, etc. Currently, Joy e-bike has its presence in over 25 major cities across India. The next big plan is to expand its reach to new states so as to increase its footprint and boost its sales.

Key June 2022 Highlights

WardWizard hosted a ‘Green Plantation Drive’ across its manufacturing facility and ancillary cluster in Vadodara, Gujarat, to celebrate World Environment Day. The company also pledged to plant more than 10,000 saplings and conduct various cleaning activities to enhance the hygiene conditions of nearby areas. It also became the official ‘Powered By’ sponsor of the India Tour of Ireland 2022, thus making a mark in the international media as well.

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