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JK Tyre launches self healing Puncture Guard Tyre

Written by Akhil Dalvi

One of India’s leading tyre manufacturers, JK Tyre and Industries Ltd., has announced the launch of its new Puncture Guard Tyres. As a pioneer of radial technology, the company states that these high-performance tyres are only applicable for four-wheelers in India. Along with the capability of tackling Indian road conditions, the new Puncture Guard Tyres aim to revolutionize the industry. Additionally, the introduction of these tyres will enhance the safety aspect among four-wheelers and their occupants across the country.

Puncture Guard Tyre: Development & Uses 

JK Tyre has specially engineered a self-healing elastomer inner coat that it applies inside the new tyre via automation. The manufacturer states that these tyres can heal punctures and self-repair multiple penetrations caused by nails or other sharp objects. With a claimed capability of healing punctures caused by 6mm diameter objects, the tyre offers a hassle-free ride without air loss. JK Tyre had first introduced its Smart tyre technology in 2020 via its concept tyres at the Auto Expo, Delhi.

Thanks to the introduction of its new Puncture Guard Tyres, the company has delivered on its commitment to improving safety. Additionally, JK Tyre has also focussed on providing advanced mobility solutions for customers, which fall in line with several initiatives. To ensure safe rides, the advanced Puncture Guard tyre has been tested across all Indian, on-road and off-road conditions. The manufacturer also states that the tyres are secure, unique and designed for optimal performance whilst mitigating potential accidents.

About the company & achievements 

JK Tyre currently operates in 105 countries with over 180 global distributors and has constructed 9 manufacturing facilities in India. The manufacturer introduced the ‘Smart Tyre’ technology in the country along with Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems that monitor tyre statistics. The company recently rolled out its 20 millionth Truck/Bus Radial tyre, which is a supreme milestone for an Indian company.

Additionally, it has built a strong network of over 4000 dealers and 600+ dedicated shops for Truck, Steel, and Xpress Wheels. For over three decades, the company has worked relentlessly towards shaping India’s positioning as the motorsport hub of Asia. Therefore, it has focussed on developing the right infrastructure for sporting events and promoting young talent in the field.

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