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Jio-bp, MG Motor India & Castrol to build charging infrastructure & EV service network

Written by Nayak

Jio-bp, MG Motor, and Castrol have signed a new partnership that aims to boost Electric Mobility in India. With the current situation of electric vehicles, the demand will only grow from here. This is pretty much evident from the current growth charts as well. Thus, the need of the hour is to set up viable and robust charging infrastructure in the country. This will support the growing number of electric vehicles in the country. Thus, also becoming future proof for the coming years. This collaboration will explore the various mobility solutions for four-wheeler EV charging infrastructure. The partnership aligns with MG Motor and Jio-bp’s commitment to providing electric cars with vast and reliable charging infrastructure.

Key Takeaways Of The Collaboration

The inclusion of MG will play a major role in this partnership. The carmaker has been in the Indian electric vehicle market for a long time now. In fact, MG was one of the early adopters of EV, which revolutionised the segment we see today. MG’s new updated ZS EV is one such product that shows a lot of promise in the current EV space. The ZS EV gets a claimed driving range of 461 km per charge, which looks quite promising to attract a wide range of audiences. The partnership will create EV-friendly roads for inter-city and intra-city travel by setting up a viable charging infrastructure.

Castrol’s part in the partnership will help develop and expand its existing service centres to start serving four-wheeler electric cars. Castrol will offer these services across India at both Jio-bp mobility stations as well as select Castrol Auto Service workshops. Furthermore, Castrol will also help set up EV charging infrastructure across its auto service network. With the rising number of EVs in the market, it is apparent that the need for EV servicing will also increase. Thus, Castrol is looking to exploit this by leveraging its vast pool of car mechanics and offering them specialised EV training.

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