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Jeep plans to launch new SUV in India based on Citroen platform priced INR 15-20 Lakh

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Jeep could be planning to introduce a new small SUV in the Indian market. According to a media report, the American SUV specialist is planning to launch a new SUV likely to be based on the CMP (Common Modular Platform). This is the same platform that underpins the Citroen C3 cars in India. Thanks to this platform sharing the new SUV from Jeep is likely to be quite cost effective. This cost effectiveness for the company is likely to be passed on the customer is terms of a lower purchase price.

Reports also reveal that the new Jeep SUV for India could be christened the Renegade. However, the brand has not confirmed if it will be the same Jeep Renegade SUV that is sold in the international market as the Renegade is based on the STLA platform. But, reports reveal that since the C3 in the fourth-generation switched to the CMP architecture, the Renegade could also be switched to the CMP to enable cost effectiveness.

Cost Effectiveness

By using the same platform, Jeep and Citroen can together drive the costs down even further and create a favourable economy of scale. In addition to this, the Renegade as well as the C3 could become better as it further tightens the competition pool. Also, the E/E architecture on both the Jeep and Citroen are likely to be upgraded. This E/E architecture includes features such as ADAS which are fast becoming mainstream in the Indian market.

4×4 Renegade

While all Jeep models come with a 4×4 option. The Jeep Renegade based on the CMP architecture is not likely to come with 4×4 drivetrain. The CMP is not capable of accommodating the drivetrain and reengineering the monocoque to include a 4×4 system is likely to prove quite expensive. However, Jeep could offer an ICE front drive axle and electric rear axles to give the car an all-wheel-drive technology. However, this was shelved by the company in the past due to its costs, and information about how Jeep is likely to offer a 4×4 drivetrain is still scarce.

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