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Jawa-Yezdi Nomads ‘Trail Attack’ in Pune

Written by Nayak

Jawa-Yezdi announced the start of the ‘Trail Attack’ rider training program in Bangalore last month. This training program’s main aim is to equip riders with skills and techniques to explore the true capabilities of their motorcycles. It will also enable the riders to make the most out of their machines and have fun to the fullest.

Trail Attack – Pune Leg

The Pune edition of Trail Attack was held last Sunday, i.e. 29th may. Jawa-Yezdi conducted the event under the guidance of professional riders. Participants first got a detailed briefing on the session. This involved essential tips on posture, weight distribution, clutch and brake techniques. Then the riders got some basic knowledge of off-road and trail riding. These training modules include efficient clutch operation, throttle modulation, off-road emergency braking and a slalom test.

After the theory session, the riders got the chance to put their skills to the test on a specially designed off-road track. With this, they also realised the off-road capabilities of their Yezdi Scramblers and Adventures on a natural off-road trail. Interested customers can also come to watch the upcoming events in their city. All they need to do is register themselves at their nearest dealerships for a nominal fee.

Other Updates

Jawa and Yezdi recently concluded the first-ever Ladakh International Music Festival (LIMF). This Indian Army led event aimed to promote the local talent for their love for music. Furthermore, the music festival also pays tribute to the martyrs who have laid down their lives for this country. This festival attracted a wide lineup of renowned local artists and popular Indian bands.

Jawa and Yezdi Motorcycles had announced the commencement of the Taktsang Trail 2022. As a part of this, the riders will travel through a total distance of 1,000 km across North East. The event started from Khonoma, Asia’s first green village and followed through various scenic locations before reaching the Nameri National Forest reserve.

All these events help the customers to remain engaged with the brand, thus attracting attention from other potential customers as well.

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