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Jawa Yezdi Motorcycles & SBI will create comprehensive financing ecosystem

Written by Nayak

Jawa Yezdi is taking giant steps for the Indian market. In an attempt to set up a comprehensive financing ecosystem around its retail streams. Jawa Yezdi has signed up for a deal with the State Bank of India (SBI). This arrangement will ensure wider availability of funding and financing programs for the company’s channel partners across India.

Jawa Aims At Expanding Its Reach To New Regions

Jawa Yezdi and the State Bank of India will work in tandem to expand their business across the country. SBI is one of the largest financial institutions in the country and will come in handy. With the most widespread coverage, this strategic association will grant Jawa Yezdi channel partners and customers access to a host of funding options. This will in turn make our products and services more accessible to them. The collaboration with SBI is a welcome move.

With the growing demand, companies should look forward to providing in-house financial services. Thus, this collaboration with SBI will attract more customers to the showrooms thus boosting sales. Jawa Yezdi is a big name in the market, but they are pretty new for Indian customers. To gain traction and momentum an initial good start plays a very important role. We hope this partnership with SBI will help Jaw Yezdi to achieve the same and start their success story in India.

Jawa Yezdi Current Status

Jawa Yezdi Motorcycles currently has a network of more than 375 dealer partners across the country. As of today, we have 7 retail models spread across the Jawa and Yezdi brands. The company has constantly been expanding its reach across India and will continue to do so. This tie-up with SBI is of particular significance for the expansion drive. This will benefit the family of the brand’s channel partners, offering them convenient financing options at their doors ep owing to SBI’s widespread network.

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