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Jaguar Land Rover’s air purification tech can keep 97% viruses & airborne bacteria away

Written by Nayak

In the current uncertain situation amidst the CoronaVirus pandemic, all the people are taking the utmost care to stay safe by following all the preventive measures. Even in the automotive industry, we are witnessing a change as more car manufacturers are investing to develop air purifier systems that will prohibit the growth of viruses and bacteria inside the car. Jaguar Land Rover, the luxury carmaker based in Whitley, United Kingdom claims to inhibit viruses and bacteria by as much as 97% using a new cabin air purification technology. This new air filtration system will come up in all the future Jaguar Land Rover vehicles.

Jaguar Land Rover’s Future Air Purifier

The British luxury carmaker has always put its customer’s convenience and experience at the topmost priority and thus came up with this new air filtration system to safeguard its customers from the virus and bacteria. This new air filtration system which consists of an air conditioner, ventilation, and prototype heating uses Panasonic’s nanoe X technology. Jaguar Land Rover’s partnership with Perfectus Biomed Ltd. which is one of the leading virology and microbiology labs performed a 30-minute laboratory test to simulate a vehicle’s ventilation system under the recirculation mode using the above-mentioned technology and proved to inhibit virus and bacteria by 97 %.

Test On Novel CoronaVirus (SARS-CoV-2)

Panasonic’s nanoe X technology proved itself with a two-hour test on novel coronavirus conducted by Texcell, which is one of the very few laboratories in the world with permission to test against coronavirus and found that more than 99.995 % of the virus was inhibited. The new nanoe X technology is almost 10 times more effective than its predecessor nanoe technology. The use of high voltage creates trillions of Hydroxyl (OH) Radicals which help in denaturing the virus and bacteria proteins thus preventing their growth. This new technology is also capable of inhibiting the growth of allergens thus providing a clean and environment-friendly atmosphere inside the car cabin.

In other news, Jaguar plans to launch 6 new electric cars in the next five years thus becoming an all-electric car brand post-2025.