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Jaguar Land Rover to train 29,000 people for modern luxury electric vehicles

Written by Nayak

Jaguar Land Rover recently announced its global upskilling drive. As a part of this, the company plans to train 29,000 people in the next three years. Under this, the trainees will get knowledge of Jaguar’s connected and data capabilities. Thus, JLR aims to support the rapid transition to the electrification conquest of Jaguar.

Jaguar’s Future Skills Programme

Jaguar’s Future Skills Programme will see the participation of more than 10,000 Jaguar Land Rover and franchised retailer employees in the UK and nearly 19,000 more across the rest of the world. The training will enhance the vital skills for electrification, digital and also autonomous cars. This programme represents Jaguar’s commitment to developing its future engineering and manufacturing skills. Moreover, this also resonates perfectly with the delivery of Jaguar Land Rover’s net-zero targets.

All Plans In Place To Go Full Electric

Jaguar mentioned that their plans to electrify our product portfolio are running at pace. Thus, they are rapidly scaling up the future skills training programme to ensure they have the right talent. The Future Skills Programme is being dubbed as the key to the success of Jaguar Land Rover’s Reimagine strategy. Under this, we will see all Jaguar and Land Rover modern luxury cars available as pure EVs by the end of the decade.

Current Status Of Work For EV Conquest

Currently, around 80 per cent of nearly 1,300 franchised Jaguar Land Rover retailers around the world offer electric car servicing. Thus to shorten the skills gap, the company is ensuring the majority of servicing technicians will receive electrification training this year. Jaguar Land Rover also plans to retrain thousands of highly skilled automotive engineers and production employees. All of those who previously worked on the development of internal combustion cars will now learn about how to specialise in electrification, digital and autonomous cars.

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