Jaguar Land Rover develops 3D HUD & infotainment system

Written by Parichay Malvankar

With technology going a step further with each passing day, there is a new feature in the world of automobiles constantly being added or improved. Jaguar Land Rover is now developing a 3D effect Head-Up Display and Infotainment systems. With this, passengers would be able to experience an immersive experience and also some real-time safety information.

The 3D Head-Up Display will project imagery on the windscreen section, but in 3D format and will be much easier to use. It could highlight data such as safety alerts and signs, lane departure features, hazard updates, navigation data and the likes. With more depth in the imagery, the road ahead would still be clearly visible to the driver even in poor weather and light. The use of stereoscopic 3D displays would improve reaction time of drivers.

In future, passengers in Jaguar Land Rover cars will also be able to stream 3D content as a part of shared mobility and autonomous solutions. The users head and eye position would be monitored to allow for 3D imagery without actually having separate screens or 3D glasses.

3D displays will also allow for personalised experience and also allow ride-sharing passengers to have their own infotainment thanks to the projections using their own choice of media / source. Jaguar Land Rover is developing this technology in association with Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics (CAPE) at University of Cambridge. Virtual and augmented reality could soon turn out to be true in the automobile world.

All of these features would result in a ‘Smart Cabin’ experience. The aim is to give back time to people while in transit, so they can either unwind or catch up on some work while shared mobility and autonomous driving would take care of the primary driving tasks.