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Isuzu reveals D-Max EV concept with 4WD

Written by News Team

Isuzu, the renowned Japanese automaker, has recently unveiled its first electric vehicle in concept form, the D-Max EV. The all-electric pick-up was showcased at the 2024 Bangkok International Motor Show, following its unveiling last week.

The D-Max EV Concept is set to preface a production version of the battery-electric D-Max pick-up truck that will be launched in selected European markets in 2025, such as Norway, before heading to the United Kingdom, Australia, Thailand, and other markets.

D-Max EV – What to Expect?

The D-Max EV features a full-time 4WD system with newly developed e-axles, which the company claims will deliver good performance on rough roads while returning a smooth acceleration. The vehicle also has high towing capacity, thanks to high-power electric motors and a robust frame and body design.

The electric pick-up will be equipped with a 66.9 kWh battery pack that will power a dual motor, four-wheel drive setup producing a total of 177 hp and 325 Nm. However, the company has still not disclosed any information regarding the range.


In terms of design, the D-Max EV showcased seems to retain most of its bodywork from its ICE-powered twin. The vehicle also has a payload capacity of one tonne and a 3.5-tonne towing capacity, qualifying it as a commercial vehicle, much like the current diesel model.

Isuzu says they have developed the electric D-Max to meet a wide range of commercial and passenger vehicle needs. The upcoming Isuzu D-Max BEV will be able to meet the commercial and passenger vehicle needs expected from a pickup, the company says, while retaining the “tough underlying performance expected of pickup trucks.”

The production D-Max BEV, as Isuzu calls it, will make its global debut at the 45th Bangkok International Motor Show (March 27 to April 7). Further details regarding range, charging capacities and pricing have yet to be revealed.