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Is this the Mahindra XUV700 electric SUV on test?

Written by Nayak

Interesting news from Mahindra. Recently we spotted an XUV700 electric test mule. The upcoming electric SUV will use the INGLO platform.

What Do We Know So Far?

The test vehicle we saw used a bronze chrome finish, a perfect eye candy for sure. In terms of design, the electric SUV uses the same body structure as its traditional internal combustion engine counterpart. However, we believe Mahindra will make some cosmetic changes to differentiate the two. We might see a blanked-out EV-style front grille and different trim elements. The exterior colour on the test mule resembles the shade seen on the XUV.e8 prototype revealed in the UK last year. The interiors too might get heavy revisions. We could get to see a horizontal display with a triple-screen setup. The interior colour options too will be new as well as offer a more premium look.

Mahindra’s INGLO Modular Electric Platform

As it stands, Mahindra has not revealed any specifications yet. However, we are sure that it will use Mahindra’s INGLO modular electric platform. This platform offers support for battery packs ranging from 60 to 80 kWh. It also allows for both rear-wheel drive with a single motor and all-wheel drive with dual motors. With this platform in place, we can expect a range of up to 500 km on a full charge. Once launched, it will take on its direct rival which is the upcoming Tata Safari EV.

Demand High For EVs In India

With the current rising demand for SUVs in the market, carmakers are launching their product thick and fast. Now with EVs getting popular, what better than to combine the two and thus create electric SUVs? Currently, Nexon EV is the most sold EV in the country. But, now with more players coming in, Nexon EV is feeling the heat. Mahindra too is aiming to target its set of customers with the electric XUV700. The ICE version has been a massive success for the brand, and now with the EV version too, the company will aim to replicate the success.

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