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Interceptor vehicle to analyse road accidents

Jaipur traffic police has launched a new interceptor vehicle named as CrashLab which will use latest technologies to analyze the causes leading to a road accident.

With use of digital technology, this vehicle will be able to determine if the cause of the accident was due to negligent driving of faulty road engineering. The data collected from such occurrence will then be shared with the authorities to take preventive measures. The vehicle is equipped with 2 cameras with one mounted on top of it at a height of 5 metres above the road.

Cameras can pinpoint the speed and vehicle numbers even at night and a laser gun will detect and record the high security number plate even from a distance of 150 metres.

The software being used to decode all this data is called PC Crash which has been developed in Australia.

This interceptor vehicle will be connected to with the local police control room via GPS.

Source – ET Auto
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