Innovative wiper for your helmets

Written by Nizam Shaikh

A team of Slovenian inventors have now designed a windscreen wiper for your helmets. It is called WiPEY. The WiPEY is a small clip-on wiper to keeps your helmet windscreens clean during rains. We have already seen some innovative helmet visor wipers in the past such as the one which has a piece of rubber that can be worn on the rider’s finger or thumb to remove water drops formed on the screen, which we do not recommend, as holding the handlebar with one hand can be dangerous for you and others around you especially in monsoon. So let’s find out what’s so special about the WiPEY.

The WiPEY is a miniature, 50% smaller than a action camera, and has an electric windscreen wiper which helps clean the visor off any water or mud making riding motorcycles in a rainy condition safe and stress-free. In Indian metropolitan cities majority of people prefer the daily commute on motorcycles. It is not only risky but is also irritating to ride with waterlogged windscreens especially at night with the glaring lights of oncoming vehicles.

The WiPEY runs on a small battery which can power it continuously for 3 hours to 12 hours depending on the swipe interval. The WiPEY can be attached or detached very easily and the makers claim it just takes 1 second to do it. The WiPEY has a safety pin which secures it to the visor and it won’t come off accidentally even at high speeds. The WiPEY has three wipe intervals a 1-second, 3-seconds and 6-seconds and can be operated using a single button.

The WiPEY will work from XS to XXL size on the majority of types of helmets like:-

  • Full Face
  • Open Face
  • Modular
  • Dual sport

The makers have also developed an optional accessory remote button which they call, ‘The_Button’. It mounts within the reach of your thumb, on the handlebar, and is connected using Bluetooth technology and has the same easy single button operation and selection pattern as the button on the main unit.

WiPEY Kickstarter campaign will commence from May 2019 and we hope this technology comes to our market in India, at a reasonable cost.