Indian customer willing to stretch budget for SAFE cars

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Mobility-focussed brand, Mobility Outlook, a subsidiary of CarTrade Tech, one of India’s leading automotive platforms has released a survey titled “Indian Consumers Safety Behaviour and Perception of Vehicle Security”. According to Mobility Outlook, the survey studies the Indian customer’s automobile purchase habits, their attitudes towards safety and security. The survey also explores the Indian customer’s perspectives towards safety associated technology.

Comprehensive Analysis

Mobility Outlook has had around 270,000 responses from across the country which the company analysed. This has led Mobility Outlook to become the first and only platform in India to take a “holistic approach” to the mobility industry. Thanks to the extensive survey, Mobility Outlook offers an insightful perspective on the entire mobility ecosystem in the country. Thanks to Frost & Sullivan, Mobility Outlook gathered the responses and subsequently conducted a comprehensive analysis.

Safety Feature Awareness

The brand confirms that most of the respondents in the survey were acquainted with vehicle safety features. This includes ABS, Airbags, Roll-over Mitigation, and other safety features. The analysis also reveals that 1/3 of the respondents were uncertain about safety features. This demonstrates a shortage of effective marketing and awareness campaigns towards safety. When asked about safety features, the respondents majorly picked critical safety features, however, 16% stated ‘not particular’.

Safety Ratings

Mobility Outlook also reveals that the majority of the respondents were aware of safety ratings as well. However, 27% of respondents were unaware of safety ratings which is a serious concern. While most respondents confirmed that better safety ratings mean better equipment and occupant protection, 45% of respondents felt new vehicles would be safer than used vehicles, regardless of the safety rating. This highlights the need for better communication and awareness.

Safety Awareness

However, the good part is that 3/4 of respondents preferred to explore 4- or 5-star rated safety vehicles for their future vehicle purchases. These respondents were also willing to extend their budget for safety. This also leads us to believe that there is a rising feeling of responsibility among the Indian customers. The respondents also have good and clear understanding of all of the security features in their existing and new automobiles. Improved security features were believed to increase the resale value of the vehicle. However, one of the survey’s major findings was that respondents ranked Tata Motors, Maruti Suzuki, and Honda Cars as the vehicles with the most security features.

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