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Indian Army on a 5 day EV ride with the Ola S1 Pro

Written by Rohit Tonapi

Ola’s a Mission Electric is reaching new heights in the country. The Indian Army recently announced a Surya Electric Scooter Expedition. The Indian Army will use the Ola Electric S1 Pro to tackle the difficult mountain terrains. 

Surya Electric Scooter Expedition – Details

The ride will start from Kasauli. A team of 20 Indian Army officers will be aboard Ola’s S1 Pros. The ride started today and will go on for the next five days. Starting from Kasauli, the Indian Army officers will make their way to higher regions of Shipki La. In association with the Indian Army, the EV rally will also conclude at Shipki La on 8th June 2022. Ola Electric says it is proud to see the S1 Pro geared up to tackle the rough terrains and also conquer the finest peak through the journey.

Ola Electric – Brief Overview

Ola’s electric scooter is available in two variants – S1 and S1 Pro. The pricing starts at INR 99,999 ex-showroom for the S1. At this same time, the S1 Pro variant costs INR 1,39,000 ex-showroom. The S1 Pro recently got a price hike of INR 10,000. The price mentioned also includes this price hike. The pricing mentioned also includes the FAME II Subsidy. However, it does not include additional costs, such as the charger. 

The S1 Pro uses a 3.97 kWh non-removable battery pack. The ARAI-claimed range for the scooter is 181 km. However, according to Ola’s ‘True Range’, it is 135 km. The Ola S1 Pro also accelerates from 0 to 40 kmph in 3 seconds, and the top speed is 115 kmph.  

Other Updates

Ola recently opened up a purchase window for the S1 Pro. Customers who booked the S1 Pro during this window are in for some good news. A limited number of customers from major cities will be eligible for guaranteed 14-day delivery. All the details are unavailable, but Ola sent emails to the selected customers to inform them about their eligibility.

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