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India Bike Week 2021 on 4th and 5th December 2021, Aamby Valley City, Lonavala

Written by Nayak

The much-awaited ‘India Bike Week’ is back, and this time it will take place over a period of two days, i.e. for 4th and 5th December. Dubbed as Asia’s largest and most important motorcycle festival, this event does attract some great crowds all across the country. This festival is the epitome of the Indian motorcycling fraternity. IBM reflects upon the camaraderie, moto-culture, freedom, riding, music, excellent food and more. From a motorcycle enthusiast’s point of view, this festival is a must-visit. India, the world’s largest two-wheeler market, does help in getting a healthy crowd to such events. Moreover, IBW also provides some exciting events to rejoice in every moment of the festival.

What’s Special For This Year’s Edition

IBW for 2021 comes with a tag of ‘The Special Edition’. And hence, we will see some intimating and hard-hitting events this year. There’s a stunt competition that will see a host of teams competing against each other. This event will also include international stunt athletes that will showcase their skills and engage the crowd. IBW Biker’s Mart will bring in all sorts of riding kits, motorcycle accessories and gear of every shape and size. Meanwhile, RevMoto will add to the excitement with live music events, launches and other biking events.

Big Trip will host sessions led by expert riders who have biked across the world. It is expected that over 400+ motorcycling clubs all across the country will make their visit to this event. There’s also ‘The Valley Run’ happening just next door, which is also one of the most anticipated automotive events in the country. The ones looking to dig deep into the history of motorcycles will find the IBW Collector’s Showcase to their taste.

Tickets And Timeline

Starting from November 7th, bikers can mark their responses by logging on to India Bike Week’s official website. The tickets will go live on sale on November 17th. The tickets are limited, and hence IBW recommends booking the passes as early as possible.

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