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Ignyte launches IGN-7 & IGN-4 helmets in India

Written by Nayak

Ignyte, an international premium helmet and riding gear brand, has brought in its two new helmet models. These are namely the IGN-7 and IGN-4. The helmets get dual certifications DOT (FMVSS No. 218) and BIS ISI (IS 4151:2015). Also, the biggest USP of “IGN-7” is that it is the world’s first helmet with NACA Duct air flow technology. This airflow system is also used in aircraft and supercars.

The double NACA inlets above the shield allow the entry of a large volume of air inside the helmet. This helps to refresh and dehumidify the interior. Furthermore, the NACA inlets on the back of the helmet also allow quick extraction of the stale air. With more high-end motorcycles on the road now than there were a year ago, there is a greater market need for premium helmets. These come with additional safety features like Dual certifications of DOT and ISI, thus appealing to a large volume of riders. These helmets also maintain their aesthetic appeal to keep up with the competition.

Ignyte Hemet Series

IGN – 7

The ‘IGN-7’ comes with a stylish reflective interior that gets comfortable and super soft fabric. It also gets a double D-Ring fastener, high-frequency Thermo foam wind deflector, and a visor locking mechanism. The shell is made of a high-impact PC-ABS blend material that was critical to passing DOT standards. There’s also an inner sun shield for protection against direct sun rays during the daytime.

Moreover, keeping in mind the hygiene factor, these helmets get removable and washable interior padding and cheek pads. Other key features include high-density multi-channel EPS, including the EPS for cheek pads and polycarbonate (PC) anti-scratch coated visor fitted with a Pin-Lock 30 anti-fog shield. To enhance its looks, there is also a spoiler at the back.

This model starts at INR 4,699 and is available in medium (580mm), large (600mm), and XL (620mm) sizes.

IGN – 4

The second model, IGN-4, too boasts dual certification that is DOT (FMVSS No. 218) and BIS ISI (IS 4151:2015). The equipped high-impact PC-ABS blend material for the shell helps in achieving the results required to meet DOT regulations. The IGN-4 uses multiple air vents for an outstanding air flow ventilation system, keeping the riders comfortable, especially during long rides.

The helmet also features high-density multi-channel EPS that also includes the EPS for cheek pads. IGB-4 comes with a polycarbonate (PC) anti-scratch coated visor fitted with a Pin-Lock 30 anti-fog shield. Riders will also appreciate the included double D-Ring fastener, the high frequency thermoform wind deflector, and the visor locking mechanism. It also has an inner sun shield to protect against sun rays during daytime rides. The price of this model starts at INR 4,449 and is available in medium (580mm), large (600mm), and XL (620mm) sizes.

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