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Hyundai reveals electric Genesis G80 luxury sedan

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Hyundai’s luxury division, Genesis has revealed the G80 electric sedan at the Auto Shanghai 2021. The Genesis G80 electric luxury sedan will be sold alongside the ICE powered G80 luxury sedan.

GV80 Design & Styling

The Genesis GV80 electric is similar to the ICE-powered model at least on the exteriors. The car features a closed crest grille and twin split headlamps bringing an imposing front fascia. The car also features a long bonnet with a centre spine and a character line that runs from the crest to the rear end of the vehicle. The G80 electric also features rounded wheel arches and side gills along with 19-inch multispoke alloy wheels. The electric version also gets solar panels integrated into the roofline. The electric Genesis G80 also features an exclusive Matira Blue exterior paint with a Dark Green Two-tone interior theme.


The Genesis GV80 comes with an all-wheel-drive powertrain, that comes with 272kW of power and 700 Nm torque. The front and rear axles come with 136kW / 350Nm electric motors. The motors come with a Disconnector Actuator System (DAS) which can automatically connect or disconnect the driveshaft from front to rear depending on the condition. Thus the G80 can switch seamlessly from AWD to 2WD to improve efficiency. The 400V/800V multi rapid charging system allows the Genesis to be more stable while recharging. The electric car also comes with a V2L (Vehicle to Load) that can power appliances of up to 3.6kW.


The Genesis G80 electric sedan features ANC-R (Active Noise Control-Road) that significantly reduces the noise of the road. The system works by detecting and analysing road noise using four sensors and 6 microphones and creating the sound of the opposite phase to cancel it out. The g80 electric also features Preview Electronic Control Suspension that detects the road surface using the front camera and navigation system and sets up the suspension accordingly.

Genesis in India

While an ICE-powered model was spied testing in the Indian market, speculations are that Hyundai could be planning to bring the luxury sedan here. But it is not clear yet if Hyundai plans to bring the electric version of the Genesis G80.

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