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Hyundai received over 4,300 bookings via Click to Buy platform

Written by Nayak

Hyundai Motors India Limited has introduced a few features and benefits to its ‘Click to Buy’ facility. This is an online facility which encourages the customers to opt for an end-to-end online car purchase. Hyundai Motors India Limited is one of the pioneers to bring in these innovative features for its customers and revolutionize the entire buying experience for the Indian customers.

The main changes include improving the user interface along with tweaking and updating the process enhancements for the better functioning of the facility. HMIL has made sure that this facility will involve fewer interventions and also reduce the dependency from the Sales Consultants. The on-road price will now be available before the login-process and HMIL also confirmed that more financing options will be offered and thus, more banks will also be added for loan eligibility. To enhance the overall customer satisfaction Hyundai has increased the customer convenience on its website along with improving its customer enquiry department.

The current challenge is compelling everyone to stay at home and carry out all the work while staying indoors, keeping this in mind Hyundai is also encouraging its customers to leverage this ‘Click to Buy’ facility which is a safer and contactless way for buying a new car. The virtual showroom platform is designed in such a way that it provides a 3D model configurator coupled with audio hotspots which improves the online buying experience to a whole new level. The customers would now get to know about the stock availability of the dealers which will help them estimate the waiting period more precisely.

Since the launch of this facility, Hyundai has registered with over 7 million visitors with more than 54,000 enquiries. Currently, the total bookings through this platform stand at 4,300 though the number is expected to grow at a very fast pace in the future. Hyundai Motors India Limited is India’s largest exporter and is trying to bring in a lot of tech-driven solutions from its new research centre located in Hyderabad.