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Hyundai recalls Verna, here’s why

Written by News Team

Hyundai Motor India Limited has issued a recall for select models of its popular sedan, the Verna. The recall has been announced because of a potential issue with the electronic oil pump (EOP) controller.

The Issue

The potential complication is rooted in the electrical oil pump controller of the Verna. An electrical oil pump uses an electric motor to circulate oil throughout the engine and transmission to offer lubrication and cooling. An error in the EOP controller could affect the performance of the electronic oil pump.

The Recall

Hyundai has recalled 7,698 units of the Verna. The recall only covers variants using the 1.5-litre naturally-aspirated petrol engine with the CVT automatic. These affected units were manufactured between February 13, 2023, and June 06, 2023.

What Should Verna Owners Do?

Owners of the affected vehicles have started receiving intimations for inspection and rectification of the error. It is advisable for Hyundai Verna owners to promptly check if their vehicle is affected by the recall and schedule an inspection if necessary for optimal vehicle performance.

Hyundai has not specified if the affected units of the sedan are safe to be driven in their current condition. Therefore, it is recommended that owners find out if their vehicle falls under the recall at the earliest. If yes, then they should get it inspected without any delay.

Owners can contact the nearest Hyundai dealer or call its customer service on 1800-114-645 for more details.