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Hyundai recalls Creta IVT for oil pump issue

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Hyundai is recalling the 2nd generation pre-facelift Creta in India for a EOP controller fault. The IVT – Intelligent Variable Transmission (CVT) variant of the Creta in India is being recalled by the company for a fault pertaining to an issue with the electronic oil pump controller. According to reports, Hyundai will be inspecting and replacing the necessary part under the recall with no cost to the customer.

The Recall

Hyundai has not yet revealed how many units are under the recall. Customers whose vehicles are under the recall will be notified by the company. In addition to this, customers can also bring their vehicles to the nearest Hyundai showrooms to check their Creta IVT. Customers can also check if their vehicle is under the recall by entering their Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on Hyundai’s official website.

Similar Recall of Kia Seltos

Recently, Kia also recalled the Seltos SUV for a similar issue. Reportedly the Kia Seltos manufactured between the 28 February 2023 and 13 July 2023, with a CVT transmission (IVT) were under the recall. According to reports, the electronic oil pump controller on the Kia vehicles was the reason for recall, which is similar to the Creta issue.

Since, both manufactures share the powertrain, the part on the engine could be the same. In Kia’s case, the reports revealed that the estimated time required to replace the faulty part is around three hours. This could be the same for the Creta models as well.

It is important to note that, there are no reports of failures, damages, accidents or injuries pertaining to this recall. Also, the IVT transmission is only available on the 1.5-litre naturally-aspirated petrol engine that makes 115 PS of power and 144 Nm of torque. The current facelift model Creta is not under recall for the  IVT (Intelligent Variable Transmission) issue. On the Seltos too, the brand only retails the IVT gearbox on the 1.5-litre NA petrol engine.

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