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Hyundai promotes water conservation with ‘Dry Wash’ of customer cars

Written by News Team

In a significant stride towards environmental conservation, Hyundai Motor India has made remarkable progress in water conservation through its innovative ‘Dry Wash’ service. This initiative, part of the company’s sustainability efforts, has led to the saving of over 650 million litres of water across its service network and workshops in India over the past five years.

Efficient Water Usage in Dry Wash

Normally, a single car wash requires about 120 liters of water. However, Hyundai introduced the Dry Wash service in 2017 as a waterless car cleaning solution. This service not only offers the convenience of location flexibility but also significantly reduces the environmental burden traditionally associated with car washing. Hyundai’s approach aims at reducing the water footprint of car maintenance, showcasing an effective way to mitigate the environmental impacts of such activities.

Impactful Results and Broader Eco Initiatives

Tarun Garg, COO of Hyundai Motor India, shared that through the Dry Wash service, the company has serviced over 5.5 million cars, saving more than 650 million liters of water. To put this into perspective, the water saved could meet the daily water requirements of about 4.8 million people. This achievement underscores Hyundai’s commitment to sustainability and water conservation.

Beyond the Dry Wash service, Hyundai has embraced several eco-friendly practices. These include the adoption of waterborne paint systems, promoting paperless processes, installing LED lighting, implementing solarization projects, and setting up rainwater harvesting systems. These initiatives reflect the company’s holistic approach to environmental stewardship.

Hyundai also appreciated its customers’ proactive support and adoption of the Dry Wash service. This customer engagement plays a crucial role in driving the success of such sustainable practices, contributing significantly to the vision of a greener future.

The efforts by Hyundai Motor India in advancing water conservation through innovative services like Dry Wash highlight the automotive industry’s potential to contribute positively to environmental sustainability. It showcases a successful model of how responsible business practices can lead to substantial environmental benefits while still meeting customer needs.