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Hyundai opens new Corporate Headquarters in Gurugram

Written by Nayak

Hyundai Motor India Inaugurates its new Corporate Headquarters in Gurugram. This new state-of-the-art will help HMIL in its quest to provide seamless development in the sphere of mobility, thus fulfilling its aim to become ‘Centre for Transformation of a Better Tomorrow’. Hyundai is currently in its 25th year here in India, with many more to come in the future. Hyundai mentioned that this building stands as a symbol of the brand’s journey and reflects upon the togetherness with the people of India. This HMI Corporate Headquarters is built keeping in mind Hyundai’s global vision, ‘Progress for Humanity’.

Key Highlights Of The Building

The building has a 400 Square Meter Green Wall with Live Plants. To help reduce the carbon footprint, Hyundai is making use of renewable sources like solar panels to generate electricity. Given the demand for electric vehicles in the country, Hyundai has acknowledged the same and has put up 14 EV Charging Units on campus. Of these, 3 are DC Fast Charging meanwhile 11 are AC standard charging.

To provide the best employee environment, Hyundai has set up open and flexible seating for its employees. The parking lot consists of high tech systems like a parking control system with number plate recognition. The workstation on which employees will work is three types, motion desks, general desks and rhombus desks. There are a total of five closed meeting rooms and 6 open meeting rooms.

Given the current times of pandemic, Hyundai has taken care of all the Covid-19 related guidelines. There are provisions for thermal body temperature scanning and employee lockers with UV light for sanitization. The building consists of HVAC separate air ducts for return and supply for cooling and heating HEPA filtration. The building is Zone 5 Earthquake Compatibility with a composite building structure.

To help with business collaboration, Hyundai has set up two business lounges and two safe lounges. In addition to this, there are a total of seven video conferencing rooms. The multipurpose hall has a total capacity of 144 individual seating.

Road Ahead For HMIL

HMIL has recently invested more than USD 4 Billion in India to set up more than 17 regional offices and 2,449 customer touchpoints across India. Hyundai Motors India Limited has identified 5 strategy pillars to generate new customer value. These are Diversified Business Architecture, Unique Mobility Experience, Smart Manufacturing Factory, Quality Time for Customers and Responsible and Caring Brand.

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