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Hyundai launches IONIQ brand, dedicated to Electric Vehicles

Nizam Shaikh
Written by Nizam Shaikh

Hyundai Motor Company has launched a new arm dedicated to battery electric vehicles dubbed IONIQ. Through the IONIQ brand, Hyundai offers its customer’s from the electrified mobility age a new EV experience and is in line with the brand’s ‘Progress of Humanity’ philosophy. Under the IONIQ brand, Hyundai will introduce three new innovative electric models in the next four years to fulfil the demands from the accelerating global EV market. 

The name IONIQ consists if ION which means an electrically charged atom or group of atoms and Unique, one of a kind fusing the two words into IONIQ and reverberates with the Hyundai IONIQ that was launched in 2016 and was offered with three electrified powertrains – hybrid electric, plug-in hybrid and battery electric in a single body type. 

Hyundai has announced that under the IONIQ brand it will launch three numerically numbered electric vehicles with even numbers used for sedans and odd numbers for SUVs. The first model under the IONIQ brand will be the ‘IONIQ 5’ a midsize CUV (Crossover Utility Vehicle) based on the concept EV ‘45’, that was showcased at the 2019 International Motor Show in Frankfurt. The IONIQ 5 is scheduled to be introduced in early 2021 and integrates unique futuristic design elements such as parametric pixels. 

The second model under the IONIQ brand will be the IONIQ 6, a sedan that will be introduced in 2022 based on the Hyundai Prophecy Concept that was unveiled in March that emphasises on a clean and minimalistic design language with features such as a classic, timeless and aerodynamic silhouette with short overhangs and a long wheelbase. The IONIQ 6 will be followed by the IONIQ 7, a large SUV which is slated for arrival in 2024.

Hyundai Motor Group has also recently announced that the company aims to sell 1 million units of battery-electric vehicles and under the 2025 strategy, the brand aims to become the third-largest EV manufacturer with 560,000 electric vehicles sales in addition to the FCEV sales.