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Hyundai Creta gets ventilated seats in new SX(O) Executive variant

Written by Parichay Malvankar

Hyundai has a trump card, the Creta, in the mid-size premium SUV space. Since the time it was launched, the Creta has been a strong selling product, and continues to do so even though new competition was seen in the market. Now, Hyundai has added a new variant, with an additional feature for the Creta.

The Hyundai Creta can now be purchased in a new SX (O) Executive variant. This new trim level introduces ventilated seats in the Creta. It was about time this feature made its way in the Creta, as the Hyundai Verna which is a cheaper car already gets it. Ventilated seats are a boon in the Indian market, where the weather is far from being cool enough to be seated on leather seats for a long time. It just makes your journey that much more comfortable.

Powering the Creta remains the same 3 engine options:

  1. 1.4L diesel producing 89 BHP & 220 Nm
  2. 1.6L diesel producing 126 BHP & 260 Nm
  3. 1.6L petrol producing 121 BHP and 151 Nm

Gearbox options include 6-speed manual or automatic.

Nissan will be launching the new Kicks SUV to rival the Hyundai Creta later this month. Tata Motors is also preparing the Harrier which has been spoken about a lot thanks to its Land Rover sourced D8 platform. Will the Creta continue to have an edge over these two cars? We sure think it will…