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Hyundai announces Bluelink Championship 2.0 in India

Written by Nayak

Hyundai Motor India Limited today announced the launch of ‘Hyundai Bluelink Championship 2.0’ for customers owning Hyundai Vehicles with Blue Link-connected services. This is a month-long championship that aims at enhancing customer engagement. Hyundai Blue Link Championship has been quite popular amongst the customers. The event is the perfect platform for the customers to exhibit their driving skills, compete with other fellow driving participants on their driving behaviour patterns and win prizes. Hyundai has created awareness among its customers on the safety of their driving patterns. Furthermore, this event also encourages drivers to adjust their style to gain maximum fuel efficiency.

To encourage maximum participation, the winner’s reward value has been increased. Moreover, now the participants can also check their scores more frequently. This will help to keep themselves updated on driving patterns while continuously improving driving habits to win a reward. Parameters such as smooth driving, overspeeding, sudden braking, acceleration, and distance travelled add to the final score. Through an analysis of driving behaviour, a participant will get a score in the range of 0 to 100. Hyundai will also provide tips to improve their driving habits and driving scores. The main aim of this initiative is to increase awareness of safe driving practices while contributing to making a safe society.

Key Details Of The Event

Interested customers can register to participate from June 13 – 22, 2022. Then, HMI will send personalised invitations to individual eligible customers. The duration of the championship is 31 days, starting on Jun 23 and ending on July 23, 2022. We will get to know the winners on July 30, 2022. The event is open to all Indian Hyundai Customers using Bluelink. The championship is region-specific. So, the top 3 scorers from the respective regions get gift vouchers. Meanwhile, the top 60 customers will get rewarded with e-trophies. Hyundai will analyse the driving behaviour only for those customers who will register for the championship within the period mentioned above.

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