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Hybrid cars selling more than diesels in Europe

Written by Akhil Dalvi

Based on recent reports and sources, Hybrid cars outsold diesel-powered cars in Europe for the very first time in 2021. The data gathered from the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association showcased that one out of 11 cars sold were battery-electric. Even though hybrids outsold diesels by just 48 vehicles, this total figure consisted of approximately 8,80,000 vehicles. These vehicles consist of 3 types- Plug-in Hybrids, Self-Charging hybrids, and fully-electric, which function in different ways to reduce emissions.

Reasons behind the rise in popularity for Hybrids 

Before mentioning the number of hybrids registered in Europe throughout 2021, it’s important to know how hybrid vehicles function. Self-Charging vehicles feature an internal combustion engine that works in tandem with the battery for its charging and power delivery. Meanwhile, Plug-in Hybrids feature a battery that needs charging via an external source in order to work alongside the ICE. Finally, electric vehicles utilize a battery to power the vehicle without the need for an internal combustion engine.

According to the data, Europe registered a total of 19,01,239 units of self-charging hybrid cars in 2021. This milestone marks a significant improvement over the 11 lakh units that they registered back in 2020. For comparison, Europe registered 19,01,191 diesel-powered vehicles in 2021, dropping from the 28 lakh figure in 2020. This significant drop in diesel-powered vehicle registrations is linked to the infamous Dieselgate scandal of Volkswagen in 2015.

Growth Prospects of EVs in Europe 

The meteoric rise of EVs across Europe is thanks to the growing number of government subsidies for low or zero-emission vehicles. Therefore, the data suggest that pure EVs recorded a growth of 63.1%, with 8,78,500 units registered in 2021. Meanwhile, plug-in hybrid vehicles recorded a 70.1% growth rate, with 8,76,100 units registered in 2021.

Despite petrol being the most preferred and popular type of fuel, it too witnessed a fall in sales throughout Europe. The data proves this as petrol vehicle sales dropped by 48% in 2020 and by an additional 40% in 2021. However, environmental groups criticized plug-in hybrid vehicles for the use of ICEs over batteries as a power source due to emissions.

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