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Huawei reveals futuristic driving technologies for car OEMs

Written by Nizam Shaikh

China-based technology company Huawei introduced its next-generation intelligent automotive components at the Shanghai Auto Show 2021 in China. The Shenzhen-headquartered multinational company revealed a 4D imaging radar, Augmented Reality-Heads Up Display and MDC 810 an intelligent driving & computing platform.

The products were launched during the Huawei Inside (HI) “Focused Innovation for Intelligent Vehicles”. Huawei claims that the products will help OEMs to build advanced intelligent vehicles. This will also help the automotive industry upgrade its technology in the field of autonomous driving.

Huawei launched the HI brand (Huawei Inside) in October 2020, as a provider of new car components. Under the Huawei Inside initiative, the brand has been working closely with OEMs to develop new digital architecture. This includes Intelligent Driving, Intelligent Cockpit, Intelligent Connectivity, Intelligent Vehicle Cloud and mPower.

Intelligent Cockpit

The Huawei Intelligent cockpit features the HarmonyOS computing platform. The platform incorporates the AR-HUD, providing a larger field of view and a high-definition display. The 10 L AR-HUD can transform an ordinary glass windscreen into a 70-inch screen. The screen adjusts the users’ eye movements but tracking the eye movements. This gives the user a viewing angle of 13-degree x 5-degree on the windshield.

4D Imaging Radar

The 4D imaging radar called 12T24R features 12 transmit channels and 24 receive channels. This high-resolution radar offers a 24-fold improvement over the antenna configuration. Compared to the conventional mmWave radar (3T4R), the 4D imaging system has 50% more receive channels. The new radar system also offers a unique non-line-of-sight (NLOS) sensing strength.

Huawei MDC 810 Computing Platform

The brand has launched the mass production version MDC 810 computing platform at the Shanghai Auto Show 2021. The system features the industry’s highest computing power and is capable of the dense computing power of up to 400 TOPS. This enables high-level autonomous driving functions features such as Traffic Jam Pilot (TJP), Highway Pilot (HWP), and Auto Valet Parking (AVP). The brand also announced that the ARCFOX Alpha S sedan will be the first car to feature MDC 810 computing platform and more vehicles will be powered by the same in the near future.

Apart from these the brand also introduced an open autonomous driving platform called Octopus as well as an integrated thermal management system called Huawei TMS.