How to remove warning stickers from your motorcycle and car

How to remove warning stickers from your motorcycle and car.
Written by Paarth Powale

Most automobile manufacturers stick warning stickers on your rides tank & fairing, which the manufacturers have to as a compliance procedure. Most of us don’t want those stickers on our rides. Fortunately these stickers can be removed easily following these simple steps.

Things you need:
-A heat gun or a hair dryer
-A plastic knife (if you don’t have nails: P)
-An old clean cloth
-A mild solvent like WD-40 or oil

-Heat the sticker with a hair dryer so that the gumming under the sticker becomes loose. Don’t try to peel of the sticker without heating, it may break into pieces and will be difficult to remove later.
-Once the sticker has been heated well enough (make sure you don’t overheat, it’ll damage the paint), use your nails or the plastic knife to peel one corner of the sticker
-Once you are able to hold one corner of the sticker, peel the sticker off slowly at an angle of 90 degrees, it will be easiest to peel it off like this. Do not try and hurry, the slower you peel is better, it will leave less gumming on the paint.
-Once you’ve peeled off the entire sticker, put some of the solvent (preferably WD-40) on the old cloth and wipe the remaining gumming that must have been left on the paint. And Voila! You’re sticker free.

If you find a sticker on your motorcycle / car which has some vital info like chassis or frame number, or info about tyre pressure, it is advised that you leave it on or you can place it somewhere it is not evidently visible.

While removing stickers, make sure do DO NOT do any of these following things, it may damage your paint.

Things not to do:
-Do not try to scrape off the sticker
-Do not use sharp objects, it will ruin the paint on your ride
-Do not use alcohol or petrol, it may spoil the paint or plastic

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