How to minimize injury in an event of a motorcycle crash

How to minimize injury in an event of a motorcycle crash
Written by Paarth Powale

They say there are two kinds of riders, ones who have crashed and the ones who are going to crash. Crashing is inevitable, especially when you’re learning how to ride. That’s why we always recommend full riding gear. Helmet, jacket, gloves, boots and protective pants should be worn at all times if you’re touring in the city. A full one piece leather suit with boots and gloves recommended for riding on the tracks.

Now people have asked us is there a way to minimize injury during an event of a crash. Well realistically speaking, one does not have much options when you crash. Each scenario is different and the possibilities of how one crashes are endless. But there are chances that you may minimize some damage with some presence of mind in case of a crash. Here are some tips which could help

  • Try not to extent your hands to stop a fall. You might end up with a broken wrist bone or even a collarbone. Keep your arms close to you crossed against your body and palms over shoulder. This would spread out the impact force to your arms and your shoulders, minimizing the chance of a broken bone.
  • If you start rolling or tumbling, get your limbs as close to you as possible becoming the shape of a ball. Round objects roll much easier and so there are less chances of you tearing ligaments and breaking bones.
  • Once on the ground and you realize you’re sliding, extend your arms and legs to spread the load so you don’t sear through your riding gear.
  • When you know the situation has reached beyond your control and you ARE going to crash, let go of the bike. Holding on to the bike will only increase the chances of you being hit by your own bike as it may start tumbling. You would want to be as far away from the bike if you’ve crashed.
  • Don’t try stand up immediately for two reasons, one you could still be sliding and even though you think you’ve stopped and two, you have broken a bone which you wouldn’t realize as your body is pumping adrenaline. And well if you’re on the streets you get your as up as quickly as possible and get to the side. You don’t want a car running you over.

Well, all these tips do not guarantee you minimal injury. As we said earlier, if you do kiss the tarmac there’s not much you can do and hope you land okay. What you CAN do is prevent the crash. Follow all traffic rules, ride safely and responsibly on the street. Always wear full gear and if you want to ride fast and hard, take it to the racetrack. Crashes on the racetrack are less punishing than on the street.

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