How often should you rotate your cars tyres

How often should you rotate your cars tyres.
Written by Paarth Powale

Tyre rotation is switching your front and rear tyres. It is essential to rotate tyres so that all the tyres wear out evenly. Tyre mounted on the cars drivewheel wears out faster as it bears the load of applying the power to the pavement. For front wheel drive cars the wearout is maximum as they bear the load of driving power to the ground and they make the car turn which creates more friction.

A good time to rotate your cars tyres is when you get the oil changed. This way you don’t have to remember when was the last time you rotated the tyres. Assuming you change the oil at least twice a year, rotating the tyres at the same time is a permissible frequency. Most manufacturers recommend the tyres to be rotated every 12000-15000 kms or every 6 months, whichever comes first.

In case of performance cars the timeline and kms at which the tyres should be rotated would be different. We suggest you check the owner’s manual and follow recommended schedule. You need not go to the car dealership service center to get them rotated. Any tyre or repair shop would help you with the same. At the same time we’d recommend you get your cars wheel alignment done to. For more info on wheel alignment follow this LINK

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