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HOP Electric Mobility planning 2nd plant in India

Written by Nayak

HOP Electric Mobility, India’s one of the top emerging e-mobility companies, announces its future roadmap. Given the recent growth of electric vehicles, the company now plans to set up its second manufacturing facility. This will be further supported by expanding the brand’s presence across more cities across multiple states. This includes Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Telangana, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal. Currently, HOP Electric Mobility has its manufacturing plant in Jaipur. This facility can produce close to 50,000 units per year. And with the addition of the second manufacturing plant, the capacity will increase to up to 1.5 lakh units.

Electric Two-Wheeler Sales At An All-Time High

The increase in fuel prices has caused a detrimental effect on the buyers. And with the lucrative government subsidies, electric vehicles sales are currently booming. HOP Electric Mobility is leveraging this growing trend to promote its range of products. With a mission and vision of promoting sustainable mobility, the company is making its presence felt among the customers. Hop Electric Mobility has recently signed up with 30 new dealers across India to widen its dealership network. All of them are expected to become operational by September 2021. The target is to have over 100 dealerships by the end of this year.

HOP Electric Mobility’s Current Lineup Of Products

Currently, the e-mobility company has two products under its stable, the Hop Leo and the Hop Lyf. And, the company has also confirmed that soon they will add one more product, Hop Oxo. The current two electric scooters get all the latest features of the current market. This includes parking assistance, side stand sensors, USB charging points, three ride modes with reverse mode, LED console, dual disc brakes, remote key, anti-theft alarm and wheel lock, and additional accessories like internet and GPS connectivity.

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