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Honda’s Road Safety Awareness Campaign in Jabalpur

Written by Kanad Kalasur

Highlighting the need for road safety awareness amongst people, Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India’s (HMSI) National Road Safety Awareness Campaign has now reached Jabalpur,Madhya Pradesh. The two day camp took place on 21-22 February at the Shri Ram Group of Institutes. Over 2000 students and staff attended this campaign.

More Details of the Road Safety Awareness Campaign

According to Honda, children of today are the road safety ambassadors for the future. That’s why incubating the right knowledge of Road Safety is very important. Imparting this knowledge will hence ensure development of their minds as well as being a model citizen on the road.

HMSI’s instructors used age-appropriate road Safety learning programs. This ensured higher retention of the awareness in all those present. This Jabalpur event was part of the larger National Road Safety Campaign wherein Honda intends to create road safety awareness across the country.

Learning made fun yet scientific

Honda has devised multiple ways to ensure that this campaign is a success. These include preparation of modules, fun activities, practical sessions and more. Let us take a look at the key reasons for success.

Scientifically Devised Learning Module

Instructors at Honda have set up a foundation with theory lessons on topics like road signs & markings, driver’s duties on road. They also explain riding gears, posture and safer riding practices.

Practical Learning

Honda has also arranged for a virtual riding simulator activity. This allowed participants to understand over 100 potentially dangerous situations on the road before even driving a vehicle on the road.

Interactive Session

Honda trainers conducted Kiken Yosoku Training (KYT) which is a danger prediction training. This training will help improve the rider’s sensibility to danger and promotes safe driving on the road.

Existing Driver’s Honing Riding Skills

Participants of the program who already have a driving license are tested and get a chance to improve their slow riding skills. Participants are asked to ride on narrow planks amongst others.

Learning in a fun way

To keep the young audience of students engaged and teach more about road safety, Honda trainers conducted fun activities like games based on road safety and quizzes on a daily basis.

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