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Honda’s new motorcycle is the CB Unicorn 160

Honda's new motorcycle is the CB Unicorn 160
Written by Parichay Malvankar

After months of speculations, finally a set of spyshots have emerged of Honda’s next performance motorcycle in the 150-160cc segment. The bike has been spotted without any camouflage.

Big news is, Honda will carry forward the Unicorn name and call this motorcycle as the ‘CB Unicorn 160’.

From what we see, the bike is far behind what the competition has evolved to. The design language is rather conservative, or you may even call it boring. There is nothing going for the CB Unicorn 160 in the design department at all. The competitors won’t even consider this as a threat given the dynamic package they offer, at least visually.

What’s new:

  • Sculpted tank a Honda badge
  • Long & flat commuter centric seats
  • age-old looking grab rail
  • Old school switch gear, kill switch missing probably
  • Small bikini fairing over the headlamp
  • Full digital instrument cluster
  • 6-spoke black alloy wheels
  • Front disc brake only
  • Full chain cover again looks commuter centric
  • Saree guard design is the only good looking part on the motorcycle
  • MRF tyres
  • Fuel cock below the tank confirms that the bike doesn’t get fuel injection
  • Commuter centric footpeg position
  • Horrible looking ‘160’ decal on the rear panel
  • No mention of CBS (Combi Brake System)

Seems like Honda has made a half-hearted attempt and assumes that the blinded Indian customer will buy anything under the Unicorn badge. As per 2014 / 2015 standards, the motorcycle is definitely lacking in the design department big time compared to the Suzuki Gixxer, Yamaha FZ V2.0 and even the TVS Apache RTR series.

Powering the motorcycle will be a 160cc, single cylinder petrol motor.

The launch date in inching closed, but we are not sure how many people will now be interested in this offering from Honda. Seems like Honda feels like it hasn’t struggled enough in the performance category and wants to stay behind for some more time in the future.

honda-cb-unicorn-160-spyshot-2 honda-cb-unicorn-160-spyshot-1 honda-cb-unicorn-160-spyshot-3

Image source – BikeAdvice