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Honda’s nationwide ‘Independence Day Service Camp’

Written by Kanad Kalasur

Honda has announced a nationwide ‘Independence Day Service Camp’. The event will start from 16 August 2023 and go all the way to 20 August 2023. Honda customers can avail multiple benefits across India.

More Details about Honda’s camp

During the validity of this camp, Honda Cars India Ltd. (HCIL) customers will get exclusive offers on the labour component of periodic maintenance services and car care services. Under this, the discounts are available on Interior Cleaning, Paint Treatment/Beautification, Headlamp and Windshield Treatment, Underbody Coating, and others. These offers are valid across the entire Honda product range.

Parts like Brake Pads, Wipers, Tyres, and Batteries are also being offered with benefits.

Customers will also benefit from complementary evaluations of their existing vehicles. Further, those who opt for new Honda models, will get benefits as well.

Finally, the Independence Day Camp will feature a Daily Lucky Draw, offering participants the chance to win exciting prizes.

Offers for Service Personnel

Honda is also offering special offers on all the services and periodic maintenance labour to Defense personnel, Police Officials and Doctors as a token of appreciation.

Concerning sales number of Honda in India

In July 2023, Honda encountered a notable decline in car sales. The total units sold amounted to 5,976. This reflects a substantial drop of 32.76 per cent compared to the same month in 2022. This is during which 8,888 units were sold. This sharp decrease underscores the challenging market conditions faced by the company. Year-on-year domestic sales also suffered a significant setback. The figures plummeted by 1,920 units and represented a substantial decline of 28.30 per cent in growth.

Overall, the combined total sales volume, encompassing both domestic and export sales, experienced a decline of 2,912 units in July 2023 compared to July 2022. This pretty much speaks to the overarching struggle Honda faces in maintaining its market standing both domestically and abroad.

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