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Honda’s Battery Sharing Service Subsidiary in India is now official

Written by Akhil Dalvi

Honda has announced the establishment of its Honda Power Pack Energy India Private Limited subsidiary as a battery sharing service. By offering its battery-sharing service for small mobility, the company aims to accelerate the penetration of electric vehicles. The company states that it will do this by solving three issues that plague current-gen EVs. These include limited range, long charging times, and the high cost of batteries.

Honda Mobile Power Pack e: Service

Honda Power Pack Energy India has planned to start the battery sharing service for its electric auto-rickshaws in 2022. The company will begin its battery-sharing service in Bengaluru and Karnataka during the first half of 2022. Honda Power Pack Energy India has announced that it will expand its operations in other Indian cities in a phased manner.

Customers of the company can avail the battery-sharing services from the nearest battery-swapping station located in their city. The “Honda Mobile Power Pack e” allows customers to swap their portable empty batteries for fully-charged battery packs. Thanks to this service, customers do not need to wait for charging and can get back on the road immediately.

Future Plans 

Along with offering the battery sharing service, Honda’s new subsidiary will work closely with multiple OEMs on integrating their batteries. The company plans to achieve this by providing necessary technical information for the interface and by expanding vehicle OEMs. Additionally, the company also aims to expand its applications and service areas as it aims to offer enhanced service convenience.

According to Honda, its subsidiary company will manufacture the “Mobile Power Pack e” battery swapping facility in India. It will do this by utilizing the batteries made in India for accelerating the electrification of small mobility. Honda Power Pack Energy India aims to encourage the use of renewable energy and contribute to carbon neutrality in India.

Other News:

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