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Honda Unicorn and Trigger will continue

Honda Unicorn and Trigger will continue
Written by Parichay Malvankar

Honda recently launched the new CB Unicorn 160 in the Indian market at Rs. 69,350. The company will continue to sell the CB Trigger and the old CB Unicorn alongside the new model.

Honda has been a poor performer in this segment with the CB Trigger not performing as the company might have expected. Even the predecessor CB Dazzler was a weak performer in terms of sales. The only bike which kept selling in decent numbers was the decade old CB Unicorn. Honda’s decision to continue with the old model might be to play it safe just in case the customers shy away from the recent product, but still want to purchase the tried and tested workhorse.

  • CB Unicorn: 150cc with 13.14 BHP
  • CB Trigger: 150cc with 14.35 BHP
  • CB Unicorn 160: 160cc with 14.5 BHP

Although new in the market, the CB Unicorn 160 misses out on one feature which the CB Trigger offered – the rear disc brake. Honda offers Combi Brakes on both, Trigger and Unicorn 160 but the older model gets a rear disc brake while the new Unicorn lives with a drum brake.

If you were in for a motorcycle in this class, which among these three Honda models would you choose?

Source – BikeAdvice