Honda to get ‘Two-Stroke’ engines back!

Written by Paarth Powale

We all love the screamers! No?

The sound these two stroke engine makes is like no other. But unfortunately the production had to be stopped due to emission regulations. Besides 4-stroke engines are much more reliable and carbon free than 2-stroke. But there’s good news now!

Honda plans to reintroduce 2-stroke engines which are fuel-injected and burn fuel in a manner where these is lesser emission and also with increased reliability.

Honda's new two stroke patent

Honda’s new two stroke patent

Honda's new two stroke patent

Honda’s new two stroke patent

Honda has registered patents for these engines.

As you can see from the images above, the numbers tagged 70, 71 and 74 are possibly the fuel-injection. As you can see the injector is mounted low in the cylinder and angled upwards. This setup will enable the fuel to be sprayed into the chamber as an atomized mist and because the fuel will be sprayed so finely and directed into the chamber accurately in perfect intervals, the engine will fire up clean and efficiently.

This advancement in the 2-stroke engine seems much more reliable than the conventional 2-strokes we are use too seeing.

Now we only wish Honda develops this engine soon so that we can enjoy the two stroke madness! Excited?