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Honda Recalls H’ness CB 350, CB300R, Hornet 2.0, X Blade, CB Shine & Activa

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Honda has announced a recall which includes several Honda scooters and motorcycles produced between specific dates. The recall list consists of the Honda Activa 5G, Activa 6G, Activa 125 BS6, CB Shine, X Blade and Hornet 2.0. In addition, Honda BigWing bikes such as the CB300R and the H’ness CB 350 are also under the same recall campaign. 

The Recall 

The reason for the recall is a Reflex Reflector fitted in vehicles manufactured between November 2019 ~ January 2021. The Reflex Reflector may have a slight variance from the required photometric provisions. As a result, the reflector may have insufficient light reflection efficiency. However, Honda the brand reiterates that the “Impact on Vehicle Visibility is insignificant”. It is also important to note that no accidents, crash or injury has been reported pertaining to the recall. 

The Remedy

Though the change lateral visibility of the vehicle is insignificant, Honda would still replace the part free of cost. As a precautionary measure, HMSI Authorized dealerships across the country will attend the affected units and replace the Reflex Reflector with a new one. Honda will replace the part Free of Charge, irrespective of the warranty status of the identified vehicle. Similarly, Honda CB300R and Honda H’ness CB 350 will get the replacement free of charge at Honda BigWing dealerships.

Furthermore, Honda also announces that customers who have already purchased or replaced the Reflex Reflector, Part Number-33741KPL902, between December 2019 ~ April 2021, are also eligible to receive a replacement part on a Free of Charge basis. Customers who have identified that their vehicle is under the recall may notify the nearest HMSI dealership. These customers may book an appointment for the service, with respect to lockdown guidelines. Honda also reveals that all suspected spare parts stock at HMSI Dealerships and Parts distributors is also under the recall campaign.

On-Going Recall Campaign

Honda also recalls the Honda H’ness CB 350 manufactured between 25th November 2020 to 12th December 2020. The recall campaign for the CB 350 is due to a defective material used in the manufacturing process of the countershaft 4th gear of the transmission. According to Honda, the part may degrade due to extensive running/usage of the motorcycle.

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