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Honda recalls Activa 125, Grazia, Aviator, CB Shine for front brake problem

Written by Parichay Malvankar

Honda has recalled their popular range of two-wheelers in the Indian market over a fault in the brake systems. The Activa 125, Grazia, Aviator, CB Shine accounting for a total of 50,000 units in the Indian market are subject to this recall. The problem is with the front brake master cylinder of all these two-wheelers, which could prove fatal while riding.

Honda has revealed that the part will be inspected and replaced free of cost. The front brake master cylinder can cause a problem in the rotation of the front wheel. This could result in the wheel jamming in extreme situations which can result in the front wheel skidding, hence causing an accident. All models of the Activa 125, Grazia, Aviator, CB Shine manufactured between 4th February – 3rd July 2019 are recalled for this problem.

Customers will be contacted personally by dealerships and will be informed to bring in their two-wheelers for inspection. Even if the two-wheeler is out of warranty, still this part will be replaced under the recall.

The Honda Activa 125 & Grazia are the most selling models among the recalled products. But just 50,000 units accounting all models is still not a big number. We urge customers to get their vehicles checked at the earliest, for a safer ride. Also, especially due to monsoon, it is best to have the part changed soon so that one can ride safely and come to a safe halt when applying the brakes.