Honda plans ‘Blind Spot Detection’ for two-wheelers

Written by Tejen Dhankhar

With more and more use of technology, two-wheelers are only getting safer to ride. Now, Honda has filed a patent for ‘Blind Spot Detection’ for two-wheelers.

The patents for the technology have gone viral over the internet and shows a VFR1200 motorcycle being used for as the initial subject for testing.


The technology works in quite an unique way. There are various sensors that have been deployed all around the motorcycle which keeps an eye around a particular ‘Comfort Zone’ around the motorcycle. Whenever a vehicle enters this zone, rider gets immediate visual signs onboard while some physical vibrations will be felt through handle grips, tank pad and foot pegs – depending upon the proximity.

If the technology checks the right boxes, soon many a two-wheelers will be using this feature increasing the safety of rider as well as other commuters.