Honda planning storage space in bumpers for electric cars

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Honda has filed patents for a bumper storage space which is likely to be employed in future electric cars. Multiple design images of the drawer type storage compartment have emerged on the internet. The drawer type storage compartment appears to be separate from the boot making it more convenient for the user.

According to the design patents filed with the USPTO (United States Patent & Trademark Office), the storage compartment ¬†appears to have a sliding drawer with a collapsible mechanism. In addition to this, the storage drawer is also likely to have a separate locking functions. This could be independent from the car’s central locking system and the boot and door locks. The design rear end design of the storage box means it is more likely to work only with an electric vehicles. This is due to its proximity with the exhaust system, which is likely to pose as a fire hazard.

However, one of the design patents reveal a small exhaust on the rear end. Design patents also reveal a built-in cooling system for the storage compartment. The air-circulation system is likely to keep the packages cool even on hot days. However, we still have no idea how the storage component will share its space with the mechanical parts such as the rear wheel suspension, axle, torsion beam and rear crash crumple zones.

What’s the Use of the Bumper Storage Compartment?

The bumper storage compartment could be used to carry stuff which would ideally be carried in an icebox. For example, the box could be used to carry cold drinks with ice and could have a drain for the thaw. Also, the drawer could be used to segregate equipment that would soil the interiors of the vehicle. This could also be useful while receiving a delivery as the receiver could lock and unlock the separate box via connected car tech. This will not compromise the safety of the vehicle and also keep the package secure.

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