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Honda planning 5 new cars for India till 2030

Written by Kanad Kalasur

In a strategic move aimed at reshaping its presence in the Indian automotive landscape, Honda has announced plans to introduce five new models in the country by the year 2030. Emphasizing a shift towards sustainable mobility, the carmaker has underlined its focus on SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicles) and EVs (Electric Vehicles) as key segments for expansion.

Focus on SUVs and EVs in the Indian Market

Honda’s foray into the Indian SUV market began with the launch of its first mid-size SUV, the Elevate. Building on this momentum, the company is gearing up to unveil a fully electric version of the Elevate SUV within the next three years. Thus, aligning with its commitment to environmentally friendly technologies.

Toshihiro Mibe, President, CEO, and Representative Director of Honda Motor Co, highlighted the significance of the Indian market for the company. He emphasized the rapid progress of electrification in both cars and two-wheelers in India. Mibe also expressed Honda’s willingness to collaborate with partners to drive the development of emerging technologies, demonstrating the company’s proactive approach to innovation.

Honda’s 35% sales increase target for H2 2023

Honda’s ambitious growth targets include a 35% sales increase in the second half of the current fiscal year, a goal bolstered by the successful launch of the Elevate SUV. While Honda continues to offer popular models like the City and Amaze, it has discontinued hatchbacks such as the Brio and Jazz, signalling a strategic shift in its product lineup.

Takuya Tsumura, President of Honda Cars India, further revealed that the company plans to make significant investments to facilitate the introduction of the five new models in India. These investments will not only focus on expanding the model range but also on achieving Honda’s electrification targets. The ultimate objective for Honda in India is to attain carbon neutrality by 2040, underscoring its commitment to sustainable and eco-conscious practices.

As Honda embarks on this transformative journey, Indian consumers can anticipate a new era of innovative and eco-friendly vehicles, aligning with global efforts toward a greener automotive future. Stay tuned for further updates as Honda drives forward its vision for a sustainable mobility landscape in India.

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