Honda Neowing trike could come soon

Written by Tejen Dhankhar

If the Gold Wing is too basic for you, Honda is almost ready to push this wild looking trike, the Neowing to the market. While no official announcement has been made, reports claim that leaked patents hint at a production ready Neowing for 2016.

Don’t expect this in India anytime soon though.

The out of the world design combined with the leaning capabilities of a sportsbike and the comfort of a trike is what Neowing will offer the customers. Another major advancement in technology will be the use of a hybrid electric motor combined with a powerful 4-cylinder petrol engine for providing the best motoring experience.

Also, the Neowing confirmation points towards the new technology that Gold Wing will also be featuring. Honda has moved towards the hybrid technology for powering their engines ranging from scooters to high-end motorcycles and even trikes. The Neowing and Gold Wing could also share some chassis components.

Trikes could be a safer way thanks to the power and features as good as a two-wheeler along with the stability of a four-wheeler. Long way to go till the market starts accepting this though.