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Honda launches Dio H-Smart with Smart Key at INR 77,712

Written by AnantaSaranNayak

A few weeks ago, there were reports claiming that the Honda Dio will soon get the H-Smart treatment. And now the company has put on a price for the same on the website.

Honda Dio Price Hike Details

Customers have two variants to choose from namely, standard and DLX. These variants of the Dio retailed at INR 68,625 and INR 72,626, respectively. Now, with OBD-2 compliance, prices have gone up by INR 1,586 to INR 70,211 and INR 74,212, respectively. Apart from this price hike nothing much has changed on these two variants.

What Is The Dio H-Smart?

Then we have the Dio H-Smart which retails at INR 77,712. This makes Dio H-Smart the most expensive variant of the popular 110cc scooter. Currently, Honda has not listed any specs on this website for this model. But if we take the Activa H-Smart as an example, the Dio H-Smart should use alloy wheels as opposed to the steel ones on the other variants. Thus making it lighter than the standard model. But, we are yet not sure if the Dio H-Smart will also miss out on the kickstart which is the case with the other H-Smart variants.

Key Features On Offer With Honda Dio H-Smart

The Dio H-Smart benefits from a slew of advanced features. One of which is SmartFind. This allows the rider to locate the scooter by flashing the turn indicators. Then we have SmartUnlock, which allows the rider to unlock the handlebar, fuel filler cap and under-seat storage using the key fob. The scooter also comes equipped with SmartSafe. This disables the keyless functionality and locks the vehicle. Meanwhile, the SmartStart feature allows the rider to start the scooter with a touch of a button. With these new features in place, more customers will now flock to Honda showrooms thus boosting sales.

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