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Honda launches Custom Body Kits for H’ness CB350 & CB350RS

Written by AnantaSaranNayak

Honda has introduced a total of 6 custom body kits for their CB350 range. The good thing is, these body kits can also be purchased by existing customers at the dealer level. These new body kits can be ordered via Big Wing dealerships and customers will also get their original parts as the fitment is done by the dealer, and not at the factory level. Prices for these custom body kits start from INR 7,500 and will be available soon. Should a customer wish, he / she can order multiple kits to mix and match between their favorite / desired accessories.

Heart Stays The Same:

While Honda has offered these new custom kits on the CB350RS & H’ness CB350, there is no change to the mechanical parts and the overall geometry of the bike. These are bolt-on kits and hence, existing users can also buy it. Powering these two motorcycles is the same 348.36cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled, 4-stroke engine producing 15.5 kW of peak power and 30 Nm of max torque matched to a 5-speed gearbox. These are retro-styled motorcycles, and the custom body kits add more style to that customers can have their bike suit their personality better.

CB350RS Cafe Racer Custom

Priced at INR 17,500, this is a Cafe Racer styled custom body kit for the Honda CB350RS. With this kit, the customer would get wheel stripes, main seat, side cover garnish, engine upper pipe, engine lower pipe, front fork boot, grip end, headlamp cowl and single seat cowl. You can easily remove the rear seat cowl for times when you wish to ride with a pillion.

CB350RS SUV Custom

Since SUVs are trending, here is Honda trying to cash-in on the sentiment. This SUV Custom body kit for the CB350RS is priced at INR 7,500 and customers will get wheel stripes, knuckle guards, engine upper pipe, engine lower pipe, small front fly screen visor and a support pipe for saddle bags. You can easily add or remove these accessories, when need be.

H’ness CB350 Comfort Custom

With prime focus on a comfortable ride, this is the H’ness CB350 Comfort Custom body kit priced at INR 16,500. For this price, customers will get a new main seat for better comfort, wide steps, engine upper pipe, engine lower pipe, front fork boots, grip end, pillion back rest, knuckle guards and a tall front windscreen visor.

H’ness CB350 Tourer Custom

For those willing to ride the extra distance, this is the H’ness CB350 Tourer Custom body kit priced at INR 17,500. With this, you get a new comfortable main seat, side cover garnish, wide step / pegs, engine upper & lower pipes, front fork gaiters, support pipe for saddle bags, rear carrier, knuckle guard and a tall windscreen visor. This kit, is the most purpose built for touring, and Honda claims that the pricing is extremely competitive compared to 3rd-party accessories in the aftermarket.

H’ness CB350 Cafe Racer Custom

For those who love a stylish motorcycle, the H’ness CB350 Cafe Racer custom body kit has been priced at INR 22,200. With this, you get new wheel stripes, new main seat, side cover garnish, engine upper & lower pipes, fork boots for the front suspension, grip ends, new headlamp cowl with integrated visor and single seat rear cowl. The handlebar and overall riders triangle remains unchanged.

H’ness CB350 Solo Carrier Custom

This possibly is the coolest of all custom kits. Priced at INR 16,200, this is the Solo Carrier Custom kit for the H’ness CB350. With this, you get a rear carrier instead of a pillion seat, new main seat, rim stripes, side cover garnish, engine upper & lower pipes, front fork boots, grip end and small meter visor. For a stylish single-seater motorcycle, this should appeal to the enthusiasts.

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