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Honda launches 10 year warranty on cars in India

Written by Parichay Malvankar

Honda Cars India Ltd. (HCIL) has announced that their range of cars will get a unique any time warranty package which a customer can purchase between the 1st 10 years of purchase. There is no other car manufacturer offering such a 10 year warranty package and this is also transferable in case a customer decides to sell / upgrade his / her vehicle. A 10 year warranty package will surely result in peace of mind and longer retention of Honda car owners at authorised dealerships.

Back in 2014, Honda was the first car manufacturer who announced that they would offer up to 7 years of warranty on their range of cars. Now, the Japanese car manufacturer have bettered their own package with this 10 year warranty. Honda claims that this extended warranty package will as a result help in reducing the overall cost of ownership, and customers can also benefit from higher resale.

For a customer to get this warranty package, it is a simple concept of 1 year / 20,000 km warranty. The car must be less than 10 years and the odometer reading should be less than 1,20,000 km since the date of sale. Even if your standard warranty package expires, you can upgrade to this warranty scheme anytime during your car ownership. Honda dealers will have the car inspected and checked for all maintenance history. With this extended warranty, parts which fall within the rule book of the policy will be replaced or repaired at no extra cost to the customer, neither for the part nor for labor. This should surely help customers gain more trust in the current and upcoming Honda cars for India.